Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daddy Being Home For Bath Time

makes me happy.

Back at the end of November, I told you about a television pilot Kevyn and Rob shot for The Food Network.

It didn't get picked up.

Well, that certainly wasn't the message we were sending the Universe, was it?

I always, and still do, believe everything happens for a reason but, in all honesty, this 'no' is really obstructing my view of the big picture.

Kevyn and I made a conscious decision years ago to not rely on television work for our livelihood. While we both enjoy the entertainment industry and have done some really fun projects in television and such, neither of had the passion for it to commit to putting our other dreams of buying a home, getting married and having kids on hold due to the natural volatility of the game.

No regrets. Opportunities within the industry still seem to find us and we're always happy to dedicate what time we can to exploring them.

As was the case with this pilot. It just kind of appeared. And it was exciting and fun. And there was A LOT of positivity amongst all the players involved. And for a second there, a few long seconds, we thought this show was what the Universe had in store for us. Alas, it wasn't.

You know, there would have been a lot of travel and eating take-out involved in the show and I keep telling Kev it's good thing it didn't happen because he would have missed me and The Byrd too much and gotten fat. Not sure either of us are buying it but it makes us laugh.

So, business as usual around here. Which, if you know me at all, means enjoying the day to day and always, ALWAYS, keeping an open mind and spirit, allowing the Universe to guide me in the exact direction I need to go.

Having said that (does anyone else keep saying that after watching the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale?), Kevyn and I are going to begin a major home renovation shortly and my sister and her family are going to be doing the same in the house right next door to ours!

How does that smell like a tv show for ya? Hey if we can't land someone else's maybe we'll just have to make our own!

You'll watch, right?


attraversiamo said...

I am canceling my cable right away... buh bye cable, hello Best LIfe Ever You Tube channel. Hell yeah I will watch it. I'll be glued.

I am a huge fan of your blog (I read it everyday as a matter of fact). Stacy, you may not remember me, but, I sent you an email a while back as I was nursing my broken heart and needed a resource to manage it optimistically. You recommended some great reads for me (Celestine Prophecy, Seat of the Soul, The Path to Love). Thanks!

I too have a blog, it's just a collection of bits of wisdom that I use to navigate life's curve balls. Many of which you inspire. Your posting today reminded me of one I posted the other day about the Universe's divine timing for our highest good.

While you shed some good mojo on me during my little upset, it is time for me to return the favor.

Nothing but good vibes,


mettebassett said...

Most definitely!
And thank you for an amazing blog. It has been in my google reader for a loooooong time and it truely brightens up my day. I love your outlook on life. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacy, I read your blog all the time and i gotta tell you that your outlook on life and your way of dealing with challenges and opportunities is truly AMAZING!! So positive, so proactive and just all around impressive. I love that you guys don't seem to let anything stop you from living your very own best life ever. I also wanted to let you know that I would totally watch a show about how you guys do what you do each and every day. I find you guys utterly charming and I'm sure lots of other people would too!

Keep being awesome...

Sondra Rose said...

I'll watch, for sure!

And what IF you could rely on TV work to be your main source of income without it taking ALL of your time and energy? Would that be OK? Because the Universe does take us literally and maybe you and Kev need to rethink your conscious decision...just a thought!