Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Excited

makes me happy.

Are you the type of person that is apprehensive about feeling excited when you receive good news? Afraid to let yourself go, fully embracing the great feeling and riding the wave as long as you can?
If you answered 'yes' to the questions above, I think it's time to for a recap of the Law of Attraction.

Like Attracts like.

Damn it people! Get excited and stay excited! Therefore, attracting even more excitement!

That is all... Nap time!


Anonymous said...

Look at your little teeth! Sorry, what was mommy saying?

Anonymous said...

That is one of the cutest pictures of Byrd!!!! Every day I start my day with her pictures on your blog. That picture is so cute that it forced me to comment...:) You three are oh so darn cute!

- HappyTipsyGypsy

Sondra Rose said...

This Blog
makes me happy.

Kwil said...

I am one who gets overly excited about things some may think are everyday run-of-the-mill nothings... I'm excitement overload really hahaha but i never feel bad about it.

Kate said...

I am one of those people...

Thanks for the reminder! :)