Monday, February 8, 2010

The Love Bomb

makes me happy.

Often when nursing The Byrd I'll pull out my computer and mess around on it at the same time. It's not unusual for Byrdie to be swinging her arms around while eating, reaching for my hair, slapping my chest, or grabbing my fingers as they pass over her head.

It is those times, when I'm reaching over her for the mouse pad, in an attempt to scroll down to continue reading one of my favourite blogs, that she nabs me, gets my fingers and puts them in the sleeper hold.

And there I sit, in a stand still, no longer able to change the page unless I shake her loose. So, do I?

Not. A. Chance.

Even if she holds on for a minute or two?

Even if she holds on for a minute or two.

While I know this time we have as parents is short and I'm always conscious of enjoying every minute of it, being sure not to wish for any moment to be any different then the exact way it already is - there are times, like when the baby grabs your finger for a minute or two, that the universe swells your heart so full of love that you think it may actually explode.

And know what? I kind of think it does explode. It explodes and shower's your whole world, and everyone in it, with little bits of love dust.

Now if we could only learn how to bottle that dust, or better yet, fill the bombs we use to kill each other with it instead.

Just like that we've solved world peace.


Kate said...

I can totally relate to this feeling.

For me, it's when we feed my daughter a bottle before bed and she falls asleep by the end. And she's fast asleep while we're trying to burp her. It's like my heart isn't big enough to handle that much cuteness.

So it just explodes with love for that little lady!

Sondra Rose said...

Stacy~ I got shivers reading your beautiful post. Thanks for making my day!

Judy Haley said...

I get that feeling like my heart is going to explode all the time. She takes my breath away and I'm spellbound.

Alexandra said...

What a perfect way to describe a parents love. My son is almost 9 and just when I think I cant love him anymore than I already do my heart gets just that little bigger & then I do...Being a Mom is the best thing I have ever done. Enjoy!