Thursday, February 4, 2010

These Guy's Moms

make me happy.

Yesterday, The Byrd and I had an early morning play-date.

I promise you it was much more enjoyable then these two glossy eyed babes are letting on.

See, Charlotte ain't afraid to show everyone how it really was!

I gotta tell you, as a first time mom it's always refreshing spending time with moms with two kids or more. Why? Because their just so calm, cool and collected about the whole parenting thing by the second, or third, time around.

Kev and I have been debating the whole To Blanket or Not To Blanket conundrum around these parts as of late. You see, any reputable parenting website or baby book worth it's salt says - babies with blankets under the age of one = BAD PARENTS. VERY. BAD. PARENTS.

But here's the rub, my baby LOVES the blanket! Either of us drop that bad boy in the crib and it's lights out for at least the next 6 hours. What to do, what to do?

What to do is ask another mother, you know, the kind that have more then one kid.

So I did. And they asked some very serious questions in return.

And the result? Given the dimensions and weight of said blanket... who wants to watch a couple movies? Cause I got the next 6 hours free!


Erika said...

I am sure you have thought of this already, but my little boy loves his fleece sleep sac at bedtime. His eyes start to close when we put it on him!

Sondra Rose said...

I LOVE babies in BLACK!

Just wanted to thank you guys for the inspiration to start my own blog. You can check it out here, if you wish:

Adel said...

With my first... Sophia I was totally against the whole blanket thing.. I think it was more of a paranoia on my part than an actual threat to my babe. Now with Violet she gets a light 100% cotton breathable blanket tucked around her waist for some extra warmth. I still think I do it for my sake instead of hers.
Sweet Dreams....

Mint Julep said...

what do you mean 'to blanket'? like cover them at night? i've been doing that since day one. archie loves it. i had no idea.

stacy said...

you got mint - 'the rules' say NO blanket!

i say F--K the rules!