Thursday, February 18, 2010


makes me happy.

For the second part of our anniversary celebration I invited myself, my husband, my daughter AND my dog over to my sister's home for the weekend.

Not only did Kelly yip with glee when I did, she and Sandy went above and beyond our self imposed invitation for a clean bed and warm shower, and spoiled us rotten.

While they did treat us to a spectacular spread of oysters...

(yes - I think we've got a little bit of a oyster crush going on in this family), cheese and the most delicious, enormous lobster dinner one could imagine,

it was the two days of thoughtfulness, that blew me away.

Kelly comes by it honestly. My parents are nothing if they aren't thoughtful of other people's needs and comforts when visiting their home. Small things like always having a couple cold beers in the fridge even though neither of them drink it. Dad's always quick to whip up one of his famous eggle bagels if anyone stops by before noon with an appetite and mom will rush to grab a playpen, highchair or life jacket if someone shows up with a little one in tow in and are visiting by the pool.

They are thoughtful people.

Kelly and Sandy are thoughtful people. From keeping the Brita container out on the counter because I like to drink my water room temperature, to having a bed and all the Cashius friendly toys out for my dog, to watching Modern Family and Survivor AGAIN because Kevyn and I hadn't seen them yet, to making a chocolate cheesecake for dessert (because chocolate anything is my favourite),

to handing me the chocolate spatula to lick when she was done mixing it up, they showered us with a whole, big, bunch of thoughtfulness.

What a weekend!


i am playing outside said...

I <3 Kevin sporting Canadiana

justme said...

what a weekend is RIGHT! how nice that was!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

That is wonderful. Being thoughtful, spoiling your guests, taking care of your loved ones needs, these are all great pleasures. For me at least, I love being abe to make people feel comfortable in my home.

Jean said...

Your appreciation surely enriches the thoughtfulness described. You've got gratitude and it shows.

Anonymous said...

that's true sisterly love! lucky! Happy Anniversary officially. did i miss anything specatular on survivor. i loved episode 1 (shoulder popping out and then back in; broken toes; villian crushes; boston rob! mars