Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Friends

makes me happy.

Yesterday Kev and I were treated to brunch by our dear friend, Health & Wellness Professional extraordinaire, Meghan.

Clearly Meghan's husband Fiztroy, one of Kev's best friends since grade 9, played a part in the treating of us to the brunch but... he graciously took on the role of Byrd Entertainer while Meg's worked the grass fed, hormone free, lamb sausage grill.

Spending time and catching up with these two was long over due and on top of that, brunch was truly spectacular. Meghan has mad skills in the kitchen, able to create delicious dishes that leave you feeling satisfied but not stuffed or bloated.

And while she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to the technical ins and outs of mindful eating, a topic I rarely bore of listening to, Meghan herself is extremely mindful of not sharing unsolicited advice about one's diet.

And I like that... a lot.

Anyone else think people should keep their opinions to themselves? How about if people didn't even have opinions about how others should live at all, let alone share them?

Yes and please!

What got me thinking about this?

Ahhh, maybe it was the toothless older gentleman that was dissecting my grocery cart today in line at the store. Immediately after he praised me for the four heads of broccoli I was buying he condemned me for the 85% coca Lindt bar in the buggy.

He told me it would melt my teeth. I told him I flossed. He stuck his finger in my face and yelled, "IT DOESN'T MATTER!"

I'm guessing he was sharing from experience.


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xxxooo, thanks for coming!