Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mi Casa Es... Her Casa

makes me happy.

Not sure if you can tell but, hiding under that soft, green blanket are eight interlocking, brightly coloured, rubber play tiles.

That's right. Bye bye white shag rug with your loose wool fibers that wrap around the baby's fingers and try to sneak into her mouth (even though you looks so sexy and chic). Hello safe blue, yellow, green and red rubber tiles!

Next on the list?

Good-bye Spiegelaus. Hello sippy cups!


Kate said...

Funny how your priorities change, eh? Seems safety is replacing style in a few areas of our home too!

I'm also starting to think about what to do about our inground pool. You have a pool too, right? Are you considering fencing it?

Anonymous said...

that is classic. was that a tough sell for Kevin?? our downstairs shag is exactly like what you describe but luckily our upstairs white shag is much different. more carpet like i guess but it doesn't shed! in fact, it is so cozy it is hampering charlotte's crawling because she likes to take breaks and rest her head on it. anyway, i've been wanting to wish you a happy bday in person. please call to arrange our next playdate! highpark? mars