Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Process

makes me happy.

So I don't really get packaged food.

Well that's not entirely true, I guess I do get it to a certain extent but, not to nearly to the extent that it's consumed.

I mean, if I was always too busy doing other things then having the time to prepare my family wholesome meals made with fresh foods I think I would begin to reconsider what was so pressing on my figurative plate to keep my literal plate full of chemicals and preservatives.

Kev and I have been discussing Byrdie's diet a lot as of late and, in short, here's where I stand on the topic... let's make it!

You see, while I'd love to be an all organic, low-glycemic, hormone free, no sugar, vegetarian lovin' mama... I'm just not there yet.

Truth be told, I've recently taken to the task of perfecting the chocolate chip cookie and after my sister gifted me with a couple Siplat mats and cooling racks for my birthday last week... I see no end to my baking escapades in near sight.

The thing is - I love the process. It's a process that takes away the ability to run to the cupboard and inhale a sleeve of Oreos. It's a process that allows me to pat myself on the back at times, and one that has me laughing at myself at others. But always, one I enjoy.

One I'm sure to enjoy even more when I've got Byrdie by my side, helping to season the fish and fork the peanut butter cookies.

So as it stands right now, we decided our general rule of thumb, as we begin our journey into vast ocean of culinary delights with the little Byrd - if we can make it... she can eat it!


Cassandra Dini (Lennon's mom) said...

My favorite kitchen gadget is my beaba babycook!

When Lennon was about 6months I made up some invitations for a baby food making party. I invited the others mothers in our new neighbourhood as a way to introduce myself and make new friends. Lot's of fun!

AndreaD said...

I think that's a FANTASTIC philosophy!!! I think I'll adopt it for myself ;)

Kate said...

I'm so with you on this...especially the part about eating a whole sleeve of Oreos! :)

As for organic, etc., I really think that a healthy lifestyle is all about moderation.

Lemon Gloria said...

I haven't made anything besides mashed avocado for my little boy yet. It's all been jars of organic baby food. I keep intending to, and then, well, the jars are just so easy. One of these days, though...

The818 said...

I can't wait to bake with Dee. That will DEFINITELY make me happy. I totally agree about the process. (my relationship with cooking, however, is much more complicated...)

But in the meantime...yeah, we're gearing up to use our Beaba in t-minus three weeks when we introduce solids...

Kat said...

It is fantastic, but everyone has their own process to fulfill on their own time schedule. It is in the getting their for everyone.