Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Real Life Tonka Trucks

make me happy.

This was the view from my front stoop about 6 six ago - cute little bungalows, all in a row.

The only thing out of the ordinary would be that little piece of construction equipment, AKA - The Excavator!, sitting on the front lawn of the second house down.

That was at 9:30am.

This one was at 4:30!?!

And then, just a couple days ago, he showed up again! This time going to town on the house...

two doors down from the first one!

And here we sit today. In that cute little yellow bungalow...

right beside my parents pink little bungalow, about to begin renovations of our very own!

Oh lordy lord, I'm getting excited!

Many updates to follow.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Wow - that is some major demo going on in your hood! So exciting to watch!

Can't wait to read about your renos and see your pics!