Friday, April 30, 2010

Laughing In Unison

makes me happy.

When my sister Kelly was over yesterday I asked her if she had watched Modern Family the night before.

"I started to," she said "but watching it without Sandy (who was out of town) felt like I was cheating on him."

While I instantly knew exactly what she meant, she continued to elaborate, "You know, it's just more fun to laugh with someone else."

Well said!

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with friends, family and lovers to laugh with.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Evan's Harem

makes me happy.

Yesterday Evan...

invited over a few of his friends.


'lady' friends...

that is.

(And cousin Byrdie.)

I say,

that's some incredibly good taste...

in women you have,

little Mr. Evan!

Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

These Renovations I Speak Of

make me happy.

So I want to bring you up to speed with these them there renovations that are going on around here.

Let's begin with the current living situation as seen above. Kevyn and I own and live in the house beside my parents.

Because they back on to a park that also has it's entrance beside our home, the houses ended up being the only two on the block.

While the lot shapes may be irregular, the frontage ends up being incredible...

and the backyard,

certainly doesn't suck either.

I have been suggesting to my sister and Sandy for a couple years now, that there is more then enough space for us all to live on these two properties happily ever after.

While they knew it sounded great in theory, it did take us a little while sort out all the, 'Yeah but, who's gonna live where?' questions.

The solution was found by, selling Kelly and Sandy our house, us buying my parents house,

and my parents living in the garage!

Lies. They will actually live in a sunny and lovely, and quite large, in-law suite, which we are building atop of a brand new garage.

Now that you're all up to speed, I'll let the sun set on that load of information today but, stay tuned as I begin hit you with all the really fun designs and details.

Infinitely grateful.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


makes me happy.

I'm reading "The Path of Love" by Deepak Chopra. Three chapters in and I feel I need to share some of Deepak's ancient "Indian metaphysics".

" I propose that the Vedic sages were the first to map a path to love, which they called a Sadhana. A path implies a beginning and an end. In this case the beginning is a reality in which love is longed for but uncertain, swamped by fear and anger, overwhelmed by the counterforce of hatred. The end reality is a reality where nothing exists but love"

Simple ain't it... Love.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Betty's 6th Birthday

makes me happy.

Yesterday Elizabeth turned 6!

So today, we went back...

to the zoo!

While daddy didn't join us today,

I think Byrdie still had a great time,

in large part...

because she was enamoured by the birthday girl.

As thrilled as I was to ring in 6 with Elizabeth, I was also pretty stoked to spend a sunny afternoon with her folks.

And of course, her little brother.

Upon returning home we found Kev hard at work with my dad preparing for our home renovations.

(Don't feel too sorry for him, he did get a round of golf in before the hard labour began ; )

It's beginning to feel surreal that this project is actually going to begin.

I promise lots of detailed renovation posts coming up,

cause I really want to try and share with you the overwhelming positive feelings buzzing around here.

It almost feels like my 6th birthday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Barbie Limbs

make me happy.

Tonight it was my turn to send out the iphoto updates, as Kev was working while The Byrd and I did the bath and bedtime dance.

When I snapped that shot above I almost couldn't believe it was real myself even though I was seeing it live in person.

Just so Kev didn't think I digitally manipulated it I shot another one with the accompanying text... "Wow!"

Funny enough my old gymnastic coach just contacted me this week asking when I was going to get The Byrd into the gym.

Maybe sooner then I thought?!?

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Way She Melts My Heart

makes me happy.

You know what was the worst part about being sick these last few days?

Not having 100% of my usually energy to give Byrdie.

While I don't think there was anything I could have done to avoid this recent mess of Barfy McPukerson (although you won't catch me eating fish tacos anytime soon), it does remind why I eat all those heads of broccoli every week and take the time to exercise every day.

Certainly I do it for myself, knowing it's an important aspect of living my best life, but having a little extra incentive in the form of The Byrd... that doesn't hurt either.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Commercial

makes me happy.

I think I have some sort of food poisoning.

It began around 11pm last night with an up-chuck in the toilet, followed by a number of sprints from the bedroom with my head buried in the garbage pail up-chucking all the way back to the toilet. To which Kev kept shouting, "If you're not done throwing up maybe you should stay in the washroom!!"

Yeah - not so funny Kev.

Luckily his humour usually does hit the mark. Like this Old Spice commercial he brought to my attention the other day. Brilliant.

Now... back to the fetal position.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The California Wine Tasting

makes me happy.

So, for the second part of our April 19th 2010, Kev and I jumped on the subway...

hooked up with Rob and not only enjoyed many, many lovely wines from the fine state of California,

but, also enjoyed visiting with...



long time industry acquaintances and friends.

In retrospect, I wish I had whipped out my camera every time I ran into someone we knew but, that would have made this post really, really long.

Now 5pm in the afternoon, we stumble out of The Fairmount Royal York in downtown Toronto with the sun in our face and a buzz in our bones.

(I told you April 19th rocks!)

We spend the next half hour or so walking around, chasing the patches of sun the squeak between the towers Toronto busy financial district.

Realizing the only place that's going to catch the last bit of this gloriousness is a roof top patio.

Any guesses on where we landed?

How about if I pull out and give you a wider shot?

How about if I tell you it's going to get a little nipplely up there once the sun goes down?

Next we jumped in a cab...

and made it over to Trending Town -

Dundas & Ossington.

Which isn't a bad thing - just sayin' is all.

There we grabbed a beer,

and Rob treated us to the most delectable of pizzas.

He says it was for all the homemade bean soup he's enjoyed at our house this winter.

Well you know what I says about that and a day as brilliant as this one?

Thank you.

Thank you very, very much!