Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th

makes me happy

As many of you might already know, I have a thing for December 21st.

Well, I also think I have a thing for April 19th.

Not only does Toronto begin to look like this (see above),

but it's also one of my best friend's, Samantha's, birthday.

While taking in a Jay game is not out the ordinary for us on April 19th, the agenda is a little different this year.

Here's how it's begun...

April 19th 2010 from Stacy Foley on Vimeo.

and the rest of the day ain't looking too shabby either!

Happy birthday Sammy!

Welcome to the world Imogen Evelyn Jean!

And may your April 19th 2010 be shaping up to be just as fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Stacy -

that is the most beautiful pictures of a flowers I have ever seen.


Kate said...

It certainly was a beautiful day!

Love the video, especially Byrdie and Evan in the same swing - so cute!