Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo Updates

make me happy.

Yesterday, Kevyn and Byrdie attended Great Aunt Marie's 80th birthday party.

I worked. No biggie, my choice. Still... it's work on a Sunday.

So to keep my in the Funday loop, Kev text messaged me photos through out their day.

Above - Ready to Go!

Friends for life.

Hey buuuuddy!

Patio hopping.

Time to go... ready for a nap.

Back on the island.


Beautiful little girl.

Count down to bath-time.

Maybe next time, instead of selfishly enjoying each update I should photo text them back...

Making a straight up goose martini with olives.

Polishing wine glasses.

Holding the starch, steaming the veggies.

Somehow I don't think it wouldn't be quite as sweet.

1 comment:

Lemon Gloria said...

I LOVE the Kale! face! My husband makes that face whenever I try to make him eat any cooked vegetable.