Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Game of Life

make me happy.

I'm going to continue on with some photos from our weekend but, without the play by play commentary.

Except to say, I took the photo above of myself after I stuck my head out the truck window as Kev whizzed along the QEW at 100km because we thought we heard a troll tapping on the roof. No joke.

Instead I want to tell you about the little heat wave we are experiencing right now in Toronto.

Have I told you before I'm not a big fan of air conditioning?

Well, I'm not.

And, have I ever told you about the crazy baby monitor that Kev and I have.

Lots of bells and whistles folks. Much beeping and lots of false alarms.

One of the features I do really like on it though is that it gives a digital temperature reading.

Before I had Byrdie, I read that it's wise to keep the baby's room on the cooler side as it allows the baby to breath easier.

In the past nine months that room has seen nothing except the 19 ºC - 21 ºC range regardless of what the rest of the house felt like.

Four steps forward.

Well tonight after I put The Byrd down, I turned on the monitor and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


A new alarm noise! One I've never heard before!

I grab the handset, thinking - here I go again, trying to decipher one of the hundred thousand digital images that flashes when I've done something wrong.

Not this time. Flashing right back at me, filling the whole digital screen was 30 ºC! 30 ºC! 30 ºC!

Okay, there was no exclamation point, but still... ten steps back.

Guess who's going to learn to love air conditioning?


Anonymous said...

there is something about your first comment about not loving air conditioning to immediately scrolling down to see sandy on fire that had me howling! so true...we do the air conditioning for the kids but it feels damn good to walk in the house! mars

Mint Julep said...

Are you potting training Byrdie? Sadly, I think we are far from that goal. BOYS!

Kwil said...

ahahaha love the pics. i never had air conditioning until a couple years back, but i have embraced it. its much easier to sleep and breathe at night, since we don't get much of a cross breeze. i am sure i will believe it is heaven sent when i hit menopause!!!