Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Funny Husband

makes me happy.

While I'm all about technology, and would buy just about anything with a half eaten apple on it, I've never quite gotten into the fun details of my gadgets like my husband has.

Someone calls him on his iphone and an awesome photo of them pops up. A song comes on his ipod and the album cover shows up.

Me, I'm lucky if I remember to reboot my MacBook once a month.

Lucky for me Kevyn has taken it upon himself to add some this goodness to my Apple world - usually in the form of wallpaper. At least once a week I'll open my computer and be pleasantly surprised to find one of my latest photographs welcoming me to my day in big, beautiful form.

This trend has recently spilled over to my iphone wallpaper.

And low and behold, look who was shooting smiles at me this morning when I turned my phone on?!?

My goodness, does this man ever make me laugh. And while I had a great laugh at this goofy photo I shot of him yesterday, I know he had an even better laugh at it (hence the reason he made it my wallpaper).

In my books, laughing at one's self is second only to loving one's self!

Don't you think?

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Laura said...

funny husbands are the best, indeed!