Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Part Before The Hospital

makes me happy.

Tuesday night was my staff party.

As our work season ended about a month ago,

and I really like the people I work with,

and rarely have the chance to hook up with any of them outside of work,

I was really looking forward to this the little soirée.

With Byrdie fast asleep under the watchful eye of Grandma & Grandpa...

Kev and I were feeling free and easy,

maybe even a little joyful & jolly.

Now I have to tell you, it was long before Byrdie came along that Kev and I learned the art of responsible drinking. Tired of hangovers and bloated bodies, alcohol in our world usually revolves around an after something beer, a fine meal, or a hot tub, and is always enjoyed hand in hand with plenty of water now.

And while I wouldn't say we went nutso on Tuesday night,

I would say that...

one or two extra drinks in this little world of ours... has a very different effect on the ol' bod' then it did five years ago.

Ideas where this is going?

Bet you don't.


justme said...

oh no!

Candy said...


cant believe you left us hanging!

Mint Julep said...


dirkules said...

Well the title says the Hospital! So... What happened?!?!

Lemon Gloria said...

I know - the title is very can you just leave us hanging?

Suze said...

I hope you're all okay.