Friday, May 7, 2010

Selling Some Stuff

makes me happy.

Kev and I are getting ready for the big move and that means we're doing some house cleaning.

On the list of things to go is this mid century couch...

and chair set that has been rocking my livingroom for the last few years.

I love this set. I love man I bought it off of and the stories he told me about his mother who was the original owner. I love the dreams I had for it, including the silver microfabric cushions I always thought I'd have made for it.

I also love that it popped up as the perfect backdrop in some of my favourite photographs.

Yet, I'd be kidding myself if I believed I would have the perfect spot for it in our new space but, I believe somewhere, someone does.

I'm finding packing and editing our stuff an enlightening experience.

I began the process of taking photos and listing things on Craigslist, thinking it was all about 'the movement of energy' letting things go to allow new things to flow, until I stumbled on George Carlin's take on stuff.

Now I think... "Yeah! What he said."

Stumbled upon on via Cherish Toronto.

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justme said...

that is why i throw away everything! happy weekend