Friday, May 14, 2010

A Wake Up Fall

makes me happy.

Alrighty... now how did we get from a story about my staff party, with a hint of a trip to the hospital, to a plumbers torch blazing up my bathroom?

Okay, back to where I left off yesterday.

Kev and I got home from the party around 12:30am. Made some cheesy toast, and maybe played a game or two of Dr Mario. Like I said, certainly we had enjoyed a couple beverages, both of us feeling happy but neither were three sheets to the wind.

After Dr Mario Kev headed to the kitchen and brought back dessert, a spoonful of peanut butter for him and one of Nutella for me. So good it was he went back for more... twice.

Now about 1:30 in the morning we hit the hay and both fall fast asleep.

The next thing I hear are a couple of VERY LOUD BANGS. I jump out of bed and immediately run to our staircase leading to the basement even though I thought there was no way Kev could have fallen down the stairs as there wasn't enough booms and bangs.

Yet there he was, lying at the bottom of the stairs!

I double time it down there and ask him when he came downstairs and how he fell coming up them.

"I just fell down them." he moans.

I'm beside myself. He's barely moving and moaning in pain. My heart is racing and I feel sick in my stomach.

All of a sudden he tells me he wants to get up, and he does. A little wobbly, but apparently in general working order he climbs the stairs and then face plants on our bed. Two seconds later he jumps up and runs to the bathroom.

Keep in mind he's hardly talking to me just making really strange moaning noises.

I've barely spun around to catch up with him and I hear another two VERY LOUD BANGS!

I run into the washroom to find this...

except the sink is hanging off the wall and the pedestal is on the floor (these are re-enactment photos)!

What the what!?!?

As soon as I get in the bathroom he jumps up again and runs back to the bedroom. I try to get the sink propped back up so it doesn't tear the whole wall off but it's kind of heavy and really awkward so I call Kev back to help - as he seems fine enough to be running from room to room.


I get the pedestal somewhat under the sink and go back in the bedroom.

Now he's lying in bed on his back, eyes WIDE open (like freaky open), under the covers, shaking and moaning louder then ever.

"What is going on here?!?" I demand as I feel like I've just entered a horror show.

"I don't know. I was going to the kitchen but I fell down the stairs." was about the only thing I got out of him.

At this point I'm really feeling the walls closing in on me. Scared.

Have I told you before my folks live next door? About a million times? Well we always had this rule growing up that we could call our parents at ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT, no matter what. As I was feeling like I was about 10 years old in this moment of time, it seemed like the right thing to do.

And poof! They they were within the minute. Now three of us standing at the foot of the bed staring at Kevyn.

"What can you move?"

"Does your head hurt?"

"Do you feel sick?"

On and on we went with the questions. Sometimes getting answers, sometimes getting moans.

We all decided the best plan of action at this time of night was to send Kev home with my parents. My mom offered to stay up with him for the next couple hours, as we had concerns about him falling asleep, and this way, I could tend to Byrdie's needs if they arose through out the night, without worrying that if I left my husband alone he might get up and fall down again.

It's now 3:40am, I'm alone in our bed and stunned by the transgressions of the last 60 minutes. I call my sister. There was nothing I needed or wanted her to do at this stage in the game other then be a comforting ear on the other end of the line. And she was.

I finally fell asleep at some point but jumped out of bed wired as soon as I heard Byrdie rouse around seven. As soon as she was fed and bundled up we ran next door to see how daddy was doing.

There he lay, on the couch with cold compresses all over his body and the remains of a cup of black coffee beside him all thanks to my mom. Awake he was now much calmer and coherent then he had been a few hours earlier but in as much, if not more, pain.

I took him home and got him tucked back into our bed.

"Should we go to the hospital?" I kept asking.

Before we had time to come to a conclusive answer Kelly texted me saying Sandy (her husband) was very worried about Kev, thought he should go to the hospital and offered to take him.

On that note I made the executive decision to load Kevyn, Byrdie and Cashius into the truck and drive out to Oakville, where Kelly and Sandy live and work. I figured this would make it easier for Sandy to take him to the hospital and also I wouldn't have to sit at home alone worrying.

Spending those next couple of hours with Kelly, the babies, and the doggies while the boys were at the hospital was certainly comforting but the real relief came when Sandy sent Kelly this text...

We saw the doctor, heading to x ray now. Taking one for chest and one for wrist. Doc doesn't think any issue with head. And, Doc was gay and had a great time visiting. He must have thought he hit the jackpot, especially with Kevyn's choice of underwear (see underwear and sock choice above). His head was spinning trying to figure out the connection (apparently the doctor had to ask a few times if this happened at Sandy's house in Oakville or Kevyn's house in Toronto and whether Sandy was with Kevyn the whole time or not).

Kelly and I had a good laugh and upon their return we happily found out nothing was broken, his wrist was severely sprained,

lots of cuts and scrapes,

bumps and bruises.

We spent the rest of the evening, and stayed over night, in Oakville. It just felt really nice to be around family and take stock of the really important things in our lives (like those two bathing beauties).

In retrospect, as we to piece together the events of the night, Kevyn describes waking up to go to the washroom as coming out of a coma and leaving the washroom almost as sleepwalking. Upon his return to the washroom, after the fall down the stairs, Kev remembers very little and thinks he blacked out when he fell over and took the sink down with him. I believe everything that happened after the initial fall, the moaning, shaking, the second fall and general incoherence was due in part to shock.

Although I've never believed alcohol consumption in our household to be any cause for concern before, like I said earlier, I actually thought of us to be very responsible drinkers, neither of us are fool enough to believe that it didn't play a part in the whole incident. Of course you know I'm not one to let an incident like this from the universe slip through my fingers without questioning it's deeper meaning and seeking out the message.

We decided a long time ago that being present and living consciously is about 99% of what it takes to live our best life and it doesn't take a genius to know that too much alcohol drops a person below those high vibrating, feel good, conscious wave lengths.

Kevyn and I have an awful lot of wonderful reasons to wake up every morning, including all the selfless people we leaned on during this whole ordeal and of course our wee Byrd. Taking even a single moment of that for granted is simple not an option around here - and maybe it took a bad fall down a flight of stairs to remind ourselves of that.


i am playing outside said...

There are 3 important things here:

1. Kev is alright, aside from some nifty marks that will go away.

2. You've got a fantastic family.

3. His choice of socks and underwear is indeed wonderful.


Candy said...

I really dont know what to
Glad to hear everyone is A OK!

Anonymous said...

God bless you both!! So glad that all is well after that scare.. As always, THANKS for sharing your stories of luv & life & wisdom.. You guys always manage to bring a smile to my face & heart :o)

Kate said...

What a story!

Glad to hear it all ended well - hopefully Kevin's on the mend!