Monday, May 10, 2010

What They Always Bring To The Table

makes me happy.

Kelly and I took mom out for brunch yesterday, back to Frank's Kitchen because I loved it so much, and dad decided to join in the fun.

Brunch was fantastic. Mom felt loved and appreciated, which was exactly what we wanted. And it was really nice to spend time with the original four.

What I found interesting when I loaded these photos into my computer today though...

was how... stuffy we look.

Interesting because,

there are a lot of things we Foley's are...

but stuffy?

I don't think so.

So you three... Mother's Day brunch 2011 - how about you bring a little more of that biting, jumping, cheering and fanning to the table?

I know you won't forget the loving part. Never have. Never will.

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Cassandra Dini said...

Your newest addition & fur babies are all so lucky to have a mama like you. Happy Mother's Day Stacy.