Thursday, June 10, 2010

12 Minute Abs

makes me happy.

The title is a homage to one of my favourite movies.


dirkules said...

Fitness Hearts!!

TipsyGypsy said...

Oh the Byrd is SO precious. More pictures of her please!

Kate said...

I love this!

Is Byrdie on the move yet? Were you chasing her around the park between takes, pulling dirt and grass out of her mouth?

Because that would be me!

Life in the Hills said...

I love the way she watches you the entire time,
The neck is stretchin' "what's mum doin?" Maegan said...

"Unless, of course, somebody comes out with a 6 minute abs ...then you're in trouble"

I LOVE your video! when Byrdie & doggie are on the blanket and you're going back and forth behind them. So so SO CUTE!!

jessica.pope said...

This is great! I've been pining for you to come out with a workout video! Thanks for making it easy on us, too. 12 minutes, I CAN DO THAT! Please post more! Your great fitness is a great inspiration!