Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Big Brave Girl

makes me happy.

Cashius had a few tumors removed yesterday.

Surgery went well and the doctor said he removed them very aggressively, hoping they won't return.

My heart skipped a little beat today when I first saw her (that's A LOT of staples!).

But then she just came trotting over. Happy. Proud. Humble. The exact same dog she has always been (maybe a little more groggy then usual), and my heart began to melt.

I couldn't imagine these past nine years without her.

We're one very luck family.


Rachel said...

what a brave girl! glad she's doing well.

justme said...

what a sweet girl. so glad that everything is o.k. she is a champ!

Kwil said...

you've got one gorgeous doggie :)
glad to hear she is doing well after surgery. wishing a smooth, speedy recovery!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Poor Cashius! Murph had some removed about six months ago and didn't skip a beat, it's good to hear she's already feeling like her old self!

Vicky ADM said...

Cashius! You are an inspiration! Sending you healing thoughts... My Lola says hello and sniff, sniff ; )