Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Shitty Day

makes me happy.

You know... I haven't talked about shit on this blog nearly as often as I've thought about writing about shit on this blog.

The reality is, if you've ever owned a puppy or a baby... you've got shit stories.

And we've got shit stories. Now that I'm about to pop my Shit Story cherry here, I'm thinking I might open the flood gates, go back to the early days, and tell you about when we'd come home at 4 in the morning to a 6 month old puppy covered in shit, as well as the entire hallway, 3 feet high.

But let's just start with today and see how it goes.

Kelly and Evan were up at about 6:45 this morning and when Byrdie and I rolled upstairs at 7:15am Kelly informed me that Bogart had the trots and has already shit in the kitchen once this morning.

No biggie. Of course Kelly has already cleaned it up and I never would have thought about again except that, 2 hours later, he did it again - and this time I nearly stepped in it.

Alright. It happens. Over the of course of an average day, this household cleans up any number of dirty diapers, poop and scoops, farts and sharts, so a couple extra doggie squirts... not really that big of a deal.

I'm going to say it was about 6pm this evening when I last changed and put Byrdie on the potty where she performed both duties, lickity split. As we normally bathe her between 6:30 - 7pm I thought this would be a good opportunity to let her go diaper free, you know, let the lady breathe. So I did up her onesie and brought her back outside with daddy and Aunt Kelly, to play ring-around-the-chair with Evan again, while I finished up dinner in the kitchen.

There I am, chopping onions and tearing lettuce when I hear Kevyn yell at Kelly, "DON'T MOVE AND DON'T LOOK DOWN!"

I immediately spin around and look out the kitchen window. When Kevyn's eye catches mine he yells, "Get out here and bring something to clean up Byrdie AND your sister!"

Out I run to discover Byrdie was enjoying her new found freedom so much she pinched a couple out right beside on my sister while doing the chair dance with Evan.


Not even an entire hour later, while bathing the wee babes, Evan lifts up his leg and let's one rip. Tidal waves folks. As control, of any kind, is not really a baby's forte, Kelly stands him up to see if it was a shart.

It was.

She passes him over to me and runs to grab something to clean him up.

And there he stood, ankle deep in tepid water, Byrdie by his side, arm in arm with me, he smiles and let's one slide.

Not. A. Word. Of. A. Lie.

Most photos taken today by Kevyn with his iphone.

Clearly he wasn't busy cleaning up any shit.

Just saying is all.


Kate said...

Holy shit - what a day! :)

So Byrdie uses a potty? Do tell...

tracy said...

Even will all the "poop" words..... the little ones in your life are just too cute...... this story still made my giggle out loud!

beans said...

hahahaha so funny! well not for you, but for me, yes! those babies are beyond adorable!!!

Life in the Hills said...

HILARIOUS, I should post some of my poopy stories too.

Lemon Gloria said...

Poo, poo, and more poo! And I love how you point out who was doing the documenting and who was doing the shit-cleaning.