Monday, June 21, 2010

The Piece With The Rose

makes me happy.

Kevyn and I are both of the belief that Byrdie is a gift to us. Nothing we've done in the last ten months has felt like a sacrifice.

So, Mother's & Father's Day, while lovely... not the biggest deal for us. We're both blessed to feel enough love and gratitude each and every day that, neither feels the need for one special day a year.

Having said that, I was very free with my phrase to Kev yesterday, telling him what a wonderful father I think he is to Byrdie and how lucky I feel to have him as my husband.

Therefore it was softball as usual,

followed by a tasty little barbeque out back so Kelly and I could celebrate with our dad.

In between manning the grill, Kevyn and Sandy came over to the table where dad asked them, how their first Father's Day was. Both answered that it felt a little surreal whenever someone mentioned it.

He then told us a story about when it really sunk in for him that he was a father. During Kelly's second birthday when the time came to cut the cake, my parents thought it was appropriate to ask her if there was the a specific piece she would like, as it was her special day.

"The piece was the rose." The wee 2 year old replied.

Which just so happened to be my dad's favourite piece.

"Absolutely." He responded, pleasantly surprised that he no longer desired the piece with the rose.

* FYI - my dad is sitting at that table above but behind the sunburst... kind of looking like the angel he has always been to us.

And in another heart warming Father's Day story... Dave & Emma, whom I was out selling Band-Its with on Friday night, gave birth today to a healthy and beautiful baby girl today!

Labour on Father's Day. Birth on the first day of summer.


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Vicky ADM said...

Luck has nothing to do with Kevyn being a great husband... You are blessed!