Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chill Time

It's seems, that all day, everyday, I'm on the move.

Which is not a bad thing, it's just the the thing as it is.

Every now and then, through out the day, I have a deep thought. But, by the time I sit down to write the blog - it's loooooooong gone.

Zoning out at 8pm is my thing these days. Hope you don't mind.

So, about this photo...

Kev snapped it the other morning around 6:30am. I kinda think the kid looks like me.

That might be a first.

Deep. I know.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I think she's a perfect little hybrid!

Anonymous said...

cute - she does look like you there. Speaking of look alikes the other night while you were trapsing around the city, I was at The Black Eyed Peas concert and lo and behold it hit me - you look like Fergie or she looks like you lol. Happy long weekend!


Mint Julep said...

Yes she looks like you!
I veg out at 8 as well. That's probably the plan for the next couple of years.

Kate said...

An active little girl can certainly leave you exhausted by 8pm. Sometimes I feel a little tired by 8AM...and I'm not in the middle of a huge home reno!

You definitely deserve to relax once the Byrd's in bed!