Monday, July 12, 2010

Doubling My Fun

makes me happy.

There are many wonderful things about living with Kelly and Sandy, one of them being getting to know their friends better.

I've italicize their because, while I'm sure they are now our friends by now as well, we did have the fortune of meeting them through K & S.

Saturday night I made the jaunt back to Oakville with them to crash an awesome house party.

It was soooo fun meeting all of their friends from the burbs. They were all awesome people and had many funny stories to share with me about my sister. (ie: Don't be ready to leave the party before she unless you're prepared for a finger point and a "Booooring!" shot in your direction.)

That's my sis.

So it was tons of fun.

I was so grateful to attend.

The only poopy part was Kev had to work.

I tried to take a sexy photo when I went to the washroom to send him.

You know, let him know I missed him and wished he were there.

While the photo ended up more goofy then sexy...

I'm sure he got the message.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

You blook great- goofy is the new sexy!