Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seven Sundays A Week

makes me happy.

For many, many years, as bartenders, Kev and I lived for Sundays.

Now, while I LOVED the feeling of those Sunday mornings, one day I developed a wee nagging feeling in my gut that told me, 'if I like this day of the week soooo much more then any other day... something is out of balance.'

Know that I do love bartending and working in general (in fact I never imagine myself being retired), in that moment I realized - I need to nurture the other sides of my money making abilities. My creative side, my entrepreneurial side, my thirst to learn something new side. And right then and there, regardless of the possible missteps and pitfalls I may incur, a goal of mine had become, to make everyday of my life feel like as good as Sunday. Working the amount and kind of work that I want to work, and playing the kind of play I want to play.

Well, for whatever reason,

for the last little while...

life has felt just like that,

weeks full of Sundays.



Kwil said...

really lucky to have that feeling. i am burnt out and craving weekends like crazy.
enjoy it!!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Sundays are a mixed bag for me- half bliss, half dread (for Monday morning!)

You are great inspiration for finding balance- I keep thinking in a week... a month...

Anonymous said...

So inspiring!!
This world needs more people like you!!