Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unobstructed Views

make me happy.

Sorry I didn't get up a post up yesterday.

These days I tend to do my blogging at the end of the evening. It usually isn't until The Byrd is in bed, we've had some dinner, sat out back for a bit, come inside, and turned on some awesomely mind-numbing reality tv, when I'll open my computer.

Not yesterday.

Nope, yesterday we ran out the door, leaving my father ALONE with TWO crying babies (I swear these two haven't cried at bedtime in months!), raced downtown and slipped into...

our front row seats at The Jay game!

Like front, front row!

One of my most excellent regulars has been offering up these seats of his to me for years and I finally took him up on them as a little birthday surprise for Kev (thank you kind sir).

I'm not going to lie... they rocked.

Kelly and Sandy zipped home after the game to relieve my father (bless his soul) while we kicked it pre-child style...

meandering around the city,

taking silly photographs,

and visiting with some of our besties.

And still home by midnight!


Anonymous said...

those are some of your best pics, esp the ones of you and kev, kelly and sandy! i feel the energy you're getting from the kids turning one or getting close. feels good don't it? call me for a proper hook up. still can't drive but we could do our park. there is a great park for wee ones and then a long walk home. next week is wide open. mars

Fit With Flash said...

Date Nights make me happy! Fun night you guys had!