Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 2010 Season

makes me happy.

Another fine season of softball concluded on Sunday.

Anyone out there

know how much

I love playing softball on Sundays

with all these dudes yet?

So very, very much!

While this was the last time we had our name up on a trophy - and that being the consolation round,

we have played for the championship every year since.

Ten weeks every summer,

for the last ten summers,

and nothing except,

really frickin' good times.

See you in 2011 Championship Trophy!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sally Such & Such

makes me happy.

Kev and I have this thing where, whenever we cross paths with someone or something that tickles our funny bone, we make up a name for it always using Sally as a prefix.

Examples may include; Sally Leadfoot - for thee of many speeding tickets, Sally Farts A Lot - for ye whose eaten too many beans, Sally Stilettos - for thee of canine decent whose claws on the hardwood floors threaten to wake the baby... you get the idea.

It's a fun game.

Kev snapped the photo above with his iphone the other day and texted it to me with the tag, 'Sally Nightingale.'


I snapped the photo above tonight of my mom over dinner in the backyard.

I think I'll tag it... Sally Loves A Lot.

True story.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Last Two Weeks of Summer

make me happy.

I was just reminded

that our American friends headed back to school this week.

That's feels so foreign to me. As I suppose it should because it is.

These last two weeks of August up here in Canada are,

in my humble opinion,

the very best ending to summer vacation.

The weather is still spectacular,

anything goes,

everyone is on vacation,

nothing counts until after Labour Day weekend,

and of course,

The Canadian National Exhibition

is in full swing.

And of course there are Tiny Tom Donuts involved.

Cinnamon please.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spoons That Don't Spoon

make me happy.

The renovations continue.

I haven't been providing nearly as many updates as I should - please forgive.

Kev and I moved again. That actually happened at the beginning of the month, so I guess we've been in this basement for three weeks now. It's all good, Byrdie is in her own room again which rocks and means she's back to sleeping her solid 12 hours a night. Thank you baby.

Our entire stay with Kelly & Sandy was brilliant, I believe I have Sandy hooked on swiss chard and broccoli with his pizza and I'm now clearly addicted to ice cream again (a habit I thought I had kicked in the early 2000's).

Another funny little thing that rubbed off on me during my stay was how they load the dishwasher.

Now let me regress and tell you that my dad is particular about... everything. Which meant, while growing up, things had to be done his way, including the way the the utensils were loaded into the dishwasher (handles down).

Needless to say I was shocked and surprised when I discovered Kelly had strayed from dad's rules and regulations (wasn't she afraid he was going to find out!?!), and adopted her own (handles up)!

So for the last couple months I did as was asked and loaded the utensils in handles up. Handles up. Handles up.

Then tonight, as I loaded my own dishwasher I paused at a crossroads when I got to the utensils. Handles up or handles down? Both parties have shared valid arguments as to why it should be done their way but what did I think? Did I have a way?

As I tossed the cutlery in the basket allowing the handles to fall any which way I chuckled to myself, 'Ha, ha, ha, I don't have a way! My way is no way!'

Unless there are too many spoons in the same compartment spooning each other, in which case they then need to be separtated.

Shit! I do have a way!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riverdale Farm

makes me happy.

Two things I want to say here,

firstly, I 'm just going to go ahead and add Riverdale Farm to the list of many, many reasons

why I love Toronto as much as I do.

A farm

in the middle of the city?!?

Yes please!

And secondly,

as much as I love animals,

and love visiting with them,

today I couldn't peel my eyes

off these three little dudes!

The joy and happiness

was just

oozing out of them today.

And happy babies make very happy mommies!

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's A Hard Rain Gonna Fall

makes me happy.

It pissed rain on our Sunday softball game.


being the last game

of the regular season

we came to win.

And still had fun tying.

On to the playoffs!