Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Last Two Weeks of Summer

make me happy.

I was just reminded

that our American friends headed back to school this week.

That's feels so foreign to me. As I suppose it should because it is.

These last two weeks of August up here in Canada are,

in my humble opinion,

the very best ending to summer vacation.

The weather is still spectacular,

anything goes,

everyone is on vacation,

nothing counts until after Labour Day weekend,

and of course,

The Canadian National Exhibition

is in full swing.

And of course there are Tiny Tom Donuts involved.

Cinnamon please.


Fit With Flash said...

School USED to start after Labor Day here... until around 2000, when they decided to jump ahead and start it on/around my bday. *Bummer* Anyway, glad you're enjoying your amazing long summer break, the way it should be. ; )

Lemon Gloria said...

This looks and sounds absolutely relaxing and glorious.