Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riverdale Farm

makes me happy.

Two things I want to say here,

firstly, I 'm just going to go ahead and add Riverdale Farm to the list of many, many reasons

why I love Toronto as much as I do.

A farm

in the middle of the city?!?

Yes please!

And secondly,

as much as I love animals,

and love visiting with them,

today I couldn't peel my eyes

off these three little dudes!

The joy and happiness

was just

oozing out of them today.

And happy babies make very happy mommies!


beans said...

SO so cute! i keep hearing about that place, i need to check it out. the little ones looked like they were loving it!

Kate said...

What a bunch of cuties!

It really is amazing how quickly they go from babies to full-on toddlers, eh?