Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spoons That Don't Spoon

make me happy.

The renovations continue.

I haven't been providing nearly as many updates as I should - please forgive.

Kev and I moved again. That actually happened at the beginning of the month, so I guess we've been in this basement for three weeks now. It's all good, Byrdie is in her own room again which rocks and means she's back to sleeping her solid 12 hours a night. Thank you baby.

Our entire stay with Kelly & Sandy was brilliant, I believe I have Sandy hooked on swiss chard and broccoli with his pizza and I'm now clearly addicted to ice cream again (a habit I thought I had kicked in the early 2000's).

Another funny little thing that rubbed off on me during my stay was how they load the dishwasher.

Now let me regress and tell you that my dad is particular about... everything. Which meant, while growing up, things had to be done his way, including the way the the utensils were loaded into the dishwasher (handles down).

Needless to say I was shocked and surprised when I discovered Kelly had strayed from dad's rules and regulations (wasn't she afraid he was going to find out!?!), and adopted her own (handles up)!

So for the last couple months I did as was asked and loaded the utensils in handles up. Handles up. Handles up.

Then tonight, as I loaded my own dishwasher I paused at a crossroads when I got to the utensils. Handles up or handles down? Both parties have shared valid arguments as to why it should be done their way but what did I think? Did I have a way?

As I tossed the cutlery in the basket allowing the handles to fall any which way I chuckled to myself, 'Ha, ha, ha, I don't have a way! My way is no way!'

Unless there are too many spoons in the same compartment spooning each other, in which case they then need to be separtated.

Shit! I do have a way!


Kwil said...

I won't let my spoons to spoon each other either! hahahaha too funny

Anonymous said...

LOL - my mom would cry if she saw how I loaded my dishwasher. Please don't tell her!!