Monday, September 13, 2010

Chatty Cathys

make me happy.

Last night I hooked up with my friend Adel who was in town for the night.

You might remember seeing way more of Adel in years past on this blog but, a three hour round trip between us, two babies for her and one baby for me, now make nights out like this a rare opportunity indeed.

So here we are, in her hotel room, taking this very serious photo, the first of what I was guessing going to many through out the night.

It ended up being the first of... three. As I turned out the conversation proved too compelling and delightful for photo breaks.

Certainly not a bad thing.

This is the last photo I took of the night, number three if you will.

The only reason for this photo was to note how a fine dining restaurant, in Toronto's prestigious Yorkville neighborhood, during the Toronto International Film Festival, presented our napkins, side plates and cutlery. I swear this is how our server placed it in front of us - not even a spoon was moved for dramatic effect.

Now you all know I work in fine dining but I really am not that girl who's picky about her service when dining out. But really? Really did you just drop that mess in front of us? And you want to know something else? This was already the second restaurant we'd been to, having left the first one after the appetizers due to some seriously slow service and extremely dry wine glasses.

Really though - no matter, like I said before, the company was fabulous.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I keep coming up short on pictures these days as well. Too busy having fun? I'll take it!

Kate said...

Don't you appreciate these evenings so much more now that they happen less often? I do!

Three babies between you?! You both look fantastic!