Friday, September 17, 2010

Spare Towels

make me happy.

I was enjoying a little hot tub time with Kelly and Sandy this evening, yes it's already that time of year up here in Canada, when we began discussing natural hot springs.

Kelly had only ever smelt them, Sandy had an unusual experience while in China with my father and hundreds of sucking fish(?!?) in one, and I shared my Tale of The Two Tabacon Springs, which occurred while touring Costa Rica back in '99 with Kevyn.

You see there was this road. A very winding, hilly road, that ran over mountains and through rain forests. At the end of this road was the Tabacon hot springs, but divided in two.

The right side used by the locals. Two dollars to enter, nothing but a camp site like washroom (think Rockwood my Richview alumni readers) and the grassy banks rolling into the hot springs.

The left side enjoyed by the tourist. Luxurious spa facilities, over sized lounge chairs, staff at your beck and call. Certainly about twenty-five times more expensive but surely worth it, yes?

Somehow both Kelly and Sandy guessed correctly that I would have no idea whether it was or not.

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