Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weeks Away From Painting

makes me happy.

Today the drywall got delivered. And while I'm no expert, I'm guessing that now, instead of months, I'm mere weeks away from holding a paint brush in my hand.

Which kind of got me excited thinking about Byrdie's new bedroom and what I want to do in there.

Now you're probably thinking, 'Why should we care? You never showed us photos from her first room!'

Very true. I believe all I shared was this shot above, the view from the nursing chair.

But, on the day before I moved her out of it I finally remembered to take some photos of it. And now three months later... I've remembered to share.

I think the thing with me and posts about the design of my home is,

I never know what to say about it.

I use things that I have around,

trying to find

new functions

for old things.

Lots of white.

And stripes.

And I collect most of my furniture from craigslist, the Goodwill and the curb.

Most times when using textiles I muscle through it.

Except for this blind, which I learned how to do here.

And then of course there are those special bits, the ones that were gifted to my sweet Byrd, and the ones created and made by hand. You know, the ones that put the love in the room.

So if you like, I will try again.


Anonymous said...

Very nice room Stacy! Put up more ;-)

Darlene in Upstate NY said...

How exciting for you all! Love the "Everything will be OK" on the blanket. ;)

beans said...

i LOVE every piece in that room! i am sure her new room will be equally if not even more adorable :)

Laura said...

;) very nice!