Thursday, October 14, 2010

The New Date Night

makes me happy.

Kev and I had the luxury of grocery shopping together earlier this evening.

As there were two of us, and my sister is about to pop with the newest family member in a week, we grabbed Evan and hit the town picked up some groceries.




Have I told you before how everyone always thinks Byrdie & Evan are twins?

And usually, as it's Kelly and I who are shopping together, people think we are lesbians and are always curious who had the babies and are happily surprised when they notice we are expecting again.

'They're soooooo 2010.' Their eyes say with every double-take.

But when we're out with Kev, well then people think the kids are just the regular kind of twins.

I'm always quick to correct,

informing them the kids are cousins, not twins.

Kevyn took a new approach today, telling people...

"No they're not twins,

they're dating."

Like I said, fun.


Kate said...

Awww... They look like they're best-buds!

I thought from some pictures you've posted that your sister might be expecting again. Congratulations to her and her husband!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Lucky cousins!

Laura said...

this makes me laugh. and i love the photo of byrdie walking towards the camera in her sweet lil yellow sweater. adorable. thanks for being positively fabulous, ya'll!

kay zee said...

they DO look alike! How far apart are they??

Andrea said...

this made me smile REAL big! Maegan said...

omg look how big she is already time flies!