Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our New Family Room

makes me happy.

The renovations are still trucking along nicely.

My dad is constantly working on the house,

Kev is working on it whenever he's not out making money,

and I work on it during Byrd naps on days I'm not working and the bar.

Rob comes over and helps out a lot.

And Sandy usually pops over whenever he can.

There are certain things that really need to get done before the cold weather hits but, I begged and pleaded for our new family room to be completed before Edison arrived so I would have somewhere to entertain Byrdie and Evan while she and Kelly got some shut eye.

And by the magic of team work, Kev sent me this photo of mom doing the final sweep mere hours before baby Eddy arrived.

I feel like I'm playing with Superbowl Champions over here!

Now, everyone back outside and finish up that middle peak!


Kwil said...

it is coming along so beautifully! go teamwork!

Angie said...

Stacy, can you give us some before and after shots of the renovations at some point? I remember when you did a diagram showing what you were doing which was helpful. I don't even recognize the front of this lovely home.
Congrats on your new niece :) Also, the Byrd is so beautiful and looks so happy living her best life!

Suze said...

Just Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

superbowl at your place-Andy

Anonymous said...

beauty stac- i love the peak. congrats on being an auntie again. edison looks so friggin cute. amazing times for the foleys! luv ya, mars