Friday, October 8, 2010


make me happy.

You know what thought goes through my head a lot?

I wonder why more people don't seem to understand how wonderful and easy life can be when...

we stop passing negative judgment on how others choose to live.

For example, while raisins are one of the few foods that I would never reach for, clearly this is not the case with my daughter. She digs them.

Now would it make any sense to make her feel, in any way, shape or form, that she's making an incorrect choice?

No - right?

In fact I feel the exact opposite - what makes Byrdie happy, makes mommy happy.

And that's exactly how I feel about anything that is making someone else happy - happy.

That's a lot of happy.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with raisins? They make me happy too! :-)

Kwil said...

Raisins make me happy too.

Lemon Gloria said...

I love her happy happy smile! Yay, raisins!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can stop passing negative judgement on how other choose to live too. Your very statement is judgemental on others, and quite surprising.

stacy said...

so very sorry anonymous if you found my comment suggesting that 'life is wonderful and easy when we don't pass negative judgment' in itself negative. certainly not what i was going for and after re-reading it numerous times still don't understand how it is negative.

i'm not saying if you do pass negative judgments on others you're a bad or horrible person, i've just found in my personal experience that it makes life a little harder and more complicated that's all.

sorry again if i offended you.

Wondering Woman said...

I can not believe Byrdie is growing up so fast. Since you see her every day it's probably not as apparent to you but it's amazing on this side of the computer. She's so cute....