Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bubble Wrap

makes me happy.

We all know by now how many photos I take.

A lot.

Which means I spend a fair amount of time trying to set up interesting, or a least decent, shots.

And you want to know what's awesome about the company I keep? Everyone I hang with, affords me the opportunity to do this by display of their continued patience.

Even when I knock over, and break, one of the full champagne glasses while trying to get...

said awesome shot.

But no one cares. Nobody freaks out. We have a laugh. It gets cleaned up. I try again.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy that kind of support in their daily lives.

Cause it feels nice. Real nice.

Also, that story reminds me what a terrific gift I think champagne is for the parents of baby #2.

I mean really, will the new baby ever remember what you gave them those first few weeks of life?

But would a little bit of bubbly go a long way in brightening their mom and dad's day!

Humbly, I'm suggesting it would.