Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Mom

makes me happy.

She also makes me laugh. Hard.

So my mom is currently in Florida with two of her girlfriends and this is the email she sent my dad yesterday.


How are you.

Well it could only happen to me, Shirley and Audrey went to a store across the street this morning, so I thought I would take a nice long shower and wash my hair. How was I to know that the bathroom lock was on the outside of the door. So I had my shower it was very hot and steamy in there so I thought I would open the door.

Well low and behold it was locked from the outside. I was sweating like a pig, I said to myself don't panic. I tried opening the door with my all the things I had in my makeup bag, no luck!

I started banging on the door and yelling , nobody came. It's now been 15minutes. I sat on the toilet thinking what the hell do I do now. Another 5 minutes go by, I hear the maid shout hello, I start banging on the door and yelling, she finally hears me. I tell her I'm locked in, and to open the lock from the outside. She finally understands what I saying and opens the door.

I run out like a mad woman, and say "Who the hell puts a lock on the outside of the bathroom?!?" She must think I'm nuts, my hair is all wet and sweating like crazy. She keeps saying she's so sorry,and gets two guys to come up and fix it. They say we thought we had to break a hole in the wall to get me out, we are all now laughing our heads off.

Well it does not end there. When I finally got myself together, I went down to the front desk, to tell my story, they say they are so sorry. Shirley says I should sue them, anyway I would just put that down to bad karma.

So just as we are going out to dinner, the manager calls, Shirley answers, he asks for me, she tells him she does not know if I am able to come to the phone because of all the drama. I answer the phone.

He tells me he heard my story and he's so sorry. He then says he understands we are going to the Olive Garden for dinner and to please bring him the bill and he will pay for my dinner. At dinner I order all this food so Audrey and Shirley can share. And when I get back to the room there is a chilled bottle of wine and beautiful glasses on a silver tray , with a note saying 'Ellen we are so sorry, please enjoy the wine.'

Thanks for the forward dad.

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