Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The At Home Christmas Party

makes me happy.

Yaaaay! It's my sister's birthday today - my favourite day of the year!

There she is, looking all beautiful with Fitz and Mr. T at The Gooderham's Christmas party on Saturday.

As I'm sure you've guessed by now, my sister and I are super tight. But it didn't always used to be that way. Oh no. We had our fair share of blow-outs and periods of not talking over the years. That all changed about six or seven years ago. I'm not exactly sure why, but I do know we began seeing eye to eye on some things AND valuing the others' opinion when we don't, and generally communicating like friends who had mutual respect for one another. This has lead to a relationship that gets better and better every single year.

I often have guests at my bar who have daughters with a two year age difference and more often then not they'll share stories with me about the girls fighting and hating each other. I always tell them not to worry, one day they'll find their very best friend in one another.

Happy birthday sis.

Now, back to Christmas parties.

I love 'em!

I especially love Christmas parties hosted in people's homes. The always feel so cozy and intimate.

And I love that I can mess around taking silly photos all night, knowing there's not other guests at another table who think I'm crazy and annoyed by my flash.

I love the fireplace roaring,

and mingling between friends.

I love complimenting a new acquaintances on their boots that are just like your husband's and them telling you "I think they are your husband's because they're not mine!"

I love Christmas trees decorated with roses like only my friend Sammy could do.

And I love Johnny Sunshine...

and Bacon Cheesecake.

That's a lie. I didn't love the Bacon Cheesecake. It actually kinda stuck in my throat and was hard to swallow.

But I do love Emma who made it, The Gooderham's for hosting, and my new buddy Scott's gun show!

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

These pictures are fabulous, it makes me want to have a little shindig at my abode!