Monday, December 6, 2010

Being A Party Trouper

makes me happy.

My friend, and fellow Champagne Slinger, Patty was wailing at the Cadillac Lounge on Saturday night with her band Double O Soul.

I was working that night but happy to make it to the show during the 2nd set.

Vix - who bartends with me (and is also married to Coach), Wesley - who serves at our club, and Kara - who frequents the club, all joined in the fun.

BTW - that head in the foreground walked trough the shoot three times.

But fun we had.

Patty was awesome.

My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

And when asked if I wanted to go to another party at 1:30 in the morning I agreed.

Oh look! Here we are at another bar, this time dancing up a storm...

and still laughing away.

It was all fun, games, and tambourines until 2:30am...

when we three blondes tried to catch a cab.

What should have taken 25 minutes total, hailing, riding, and getting into bed, turned into an hour and a half ordeal... in the FREEZING cold.

Thank goodness these two were still making me laugh the entire time.

PROOF! That I walked in the door at 4am!


Very ouch.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

You are a trouper! I, am decidedly a party pooper.