Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coach's 40th

makes me happy.

On Saturday, a bit of snow stayed on the ground.

And Kev and I took the kids to the park.

They now both know the word 'swing' and use it often.

The dogs came too.

I took my hot tubbing skills on the road,

and joined Adel in Emma's tub for a little pre-party soak.

Came home in time to help put the Byrd down, grab Kev and...

head off to our dear friend Chris' 40th birthday party.

He's the handsome bald dude.

Chris has enriched our lives in many, many ways over the past dozen or so years, but I believe it is his legacy as coach of our infamous softball team...

will be remembered looong after we finally pack up our bats and gloves.

On that note I say,"Here's to another 40 Coach!"

And, "Nice smudgy left eye make up Self."

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