Friday, December 17, 2010

Constant Christmas Music

makes me happy.

So Kevyn and I are still basement dwelling. Yes we have our new living room built and have been enjoying it, but still sleeping in the basement. And, there's still the matter of knocking down that brick wall upstairs to join it to the rest of the house, where we will be living one day I'm sure, so I don't want to get too into decorating mode cause that's going to be one very MESSY event!

But we have got our old teak telefunken in the space and hooked up to our Sirius. Which rocks because this time of year they run a couple channels of 24/7 Christmas music.

And you know what? I've been playing those very channels on our telefunken 24hours a day. Which means, every time I emerge from my basement dwelling I immediately get bit by the Christmas bug.

It's give and take over here people. I'm happy to sleep in the basement as long as needed, as long as I can play my stereo like I'm living in Santa's workshop for the next 2 weeks!

Happy & safe holiday partying this weekend everyone!

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