Friday, December 3, 2010

Enjoying The Emotional Rollercoaster

makes me happy.

I'm still reading, and loving, John Medina's Brain Rules for Baby.

Allow me to share a little more if I could...

Some people welcome emotional experiences, considering them an important and enriching part of life's journey. Others think that emotions make people weak and embarrasses and that emotions should be suppressed.

Some people think that a few emotions are OK, like joy and happiness, but some should stay on the behavioral no-fly list; anger, sadness, and fear are popular choices. Still others don't know what to do with their emotions and try to run from them.

Whatever you feel about feelings-your own or other people's-is your meta-emotion philosophy.

Your meta-emotion philosophy turns out to be very important in your children's future. It predicts how you will react to their emotional lives, which in turn predicts how (or if) they learn to regulate their own emotions. Because these skills are directly related to a child's social competency, how you feel about feelings can profoundly influence your child's future happiness. You have to be comfortable with your emotions in order to make your kids comfortable with theirs.

Food for thought.

Happy Friday.


NutritiousMeg said...

I want to read that book!

Lemon Gloria said...

That's so interesting and makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing, Stacy.