Monday, December 27, 2010

Feeling Full

makes me happy.

Merry merry! Hope you and yours are as full on love, family, friends, food and drink as I, and mine, are.

Since the last time I signed in I've... eaten huge steaks and Billy Miner pie in celebration of Kelly's birthday, and

taken self portraits in the bathroom with the one I love.

Went to the hospital...

to see what Kevyn's older brother Dave, and his wife Joy, have been cooking up for the last nine months...

THIS beautiful bundle of joy! Welcome Keira Ann.

Took two hot tubs in one day,

because, Christmas Eve rocks.

Woke up well before my daughter on Christmas morning because A) I was clearly more excited to watch her open presents then she was to open them, and B) she thought it was the perfect morning to sleep in later then SHE EVER HAS BEFORE.

But she eventually got up and at 'em.

as did Edison.

And it was fun and smiles all around.

An afternoon of toys, Elmo and Nana,

while the table got set and the turkey cooked,

led to a feasts of feasts, that no one escapes fully buttoned.

I know I say it all the time, but at this time of year I think it's even more important to remember, and give thanks to, how much love and happiness I feel on a daily basis.

Here's to spreading it if you feel it!

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