Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Oldest Friendship

makes me happy.

Yesterday Charlotte invited Byrdie and I out for some breakfast at the Grenadier Cafe in High Park...

and a brisk walk through the winter zoo.

I've written about my love of High Park before,

here, here...

AND here.

But have I told you lately how much I love Charlotte's mom Marla?

Friends since grade 2 and still finding news ways of making me smile.



Kwil said...

Ahhh love love love High Park!!

Kate said...

I love High Park too, but I've never made it to Grenadier Cafe. Maybe we'll make it next summer.

Anonymous said... are so sweet. you are an easy girl to please! i love that i look like a wrestler in the last shot. byrdie totally stole that one..ha. winter is such a beautiful thing and when i hear people grumbling i think "you just don't get it like some of us do." especially when the cold is paired nicely with an indoor activity. funny story....i found the NOAH keychain under his carseat yesterday. totally missed that as he opened it in the car with me driving. he missed it too and thought is was great. now i get the Ex connection. happy friday..aaron and i are going for pork bun (vietnamese), avocado shakes and shopping tonight. fun!