Tuesday, January 25, 2011


makes me happy.

I read this cool article about flow the other day on the Huffington Post.

Flow is explained in the article as follows...

", you must see the activity as voluntary, enjoyable (intrinsically motivating), and it must require skill and be challenging (but not too challenging) with clear goals towards success.

Interestingly, a flow state is characterized by the absence of emotion -- a complete loss of self-consciousness.

However, in retrospect, the flow activity may be described as enjoyable and even exhilarating!

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that flow is highly correlated with happiness, both subjective and psychological well-being.

Furthermore, it has been found that people who experience a lot of flow in their daily lives also develop other positive traits, such as high concentration, high self-esteem, and even greater health."

Which of course got me thinking about when I feel the flow.

I know I used to feel it when I did gymnastics and track & field.

I even sometimes feel it when I bartend.

Of course there are hours I feel it when I'm parenting Byrdie. And there are hours when I don't.

But probably one of the most surprising realizations I had of feeling flow was when I make our frames.

Hmmmm... interesting. Very interesting.

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Kwil said...

The entrepreneurial flow!