Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Same Old Same Old

makes me happy.

So January 2nd, 10:30am I drove out to Al and Adel's house, from my final holiday celebration, as planned.

What I wasn't planned was... driving out alone.

As much as this was a party for all us friends to get together, it was also a chance to get all the kids together, and I had to leave my little Byrd and her daddy at home.

You see, we had just made it through our 2nd night of caring for the wee one who had woke up in the middle of both nights, crying and vomiting everywhere.

Needless to say, we had no desire to put any other kidlets through this, so at home she stayed.

Never once, as I enjoyed a most awesome day out there, did I think I might have what Byrdie had.

As I would later that evening find out...

I did.

It's hard, and most likely waaaay to much information to share here, to describe how much, often, and with what force various liquids shot out my orifices but... it was spectacular.

And didn't stop. Well for approximately 24 hours it didn't anyway.

Oh January 3rd, so not how I had hoped you to be.

And then I got thinking about time. And dates. And months. And years.

And wonder, what do they all mean anyway?


My first big lesson in happiness of 2011, was of course the same big lessons the Universe has been teaching me for the last six years - live in the now.

January 3rd, Shmanuary 3rd.

The now is where it's at.

And oh how I hope no one else is sick now.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Oh man! What a mess, I hope you are feeling better!