Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharing The Fun

makes me happy.

Guess who took a trip back to High Park this morning?

Byrdie did! And because she had so much fun with Marla and Charlotte the last time we went she decided...

to tell a few of her other friends about it.

They totally dug it.

She even took them to see the animals despite the fact it was colder then a witch's tit (that was always my mom's favourite description of cold weather) outside.

But they're a rough and tumble crew, a little nipplely weather can't stop them.

And so that too seemed to impress.

Basically it was an all round super morning until...

Sally Grumpy Pants the yak, who clearly doesn't want to be bothered by humans but doesn't have the foresight to not lie by the fence, hooked my kid in the face with her antler!?!

What the snaps?

I was all like, 'Hey Sally Grumpy Pants - you better watch it or you're going to end up bald like your deer friends a couple cages down!'

But after brief little cry of shock The Byrd was all like,

'Hey, I'm fine. Who wants to keep partying?'

The perfect host.

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