Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Peugeots

make me happy.

So for Christmas I really thought someone might have gifted me with a nice pepper mill. Lordy lord, I know I had banged on enough wanting one, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Until... the beginning of January when I threw caution to the wind and type the word 'Peugeot' in the Craigslist search engine.

Poof! There they were. A vintage set of Peugeot salt and pepper mills for $35! Are you serious?!?

So, after a few emails back and forth with their previous owner a date and time was set. His last email to me proposed I meet him at a post office, on a corner, where he would be 'wearing a large black coat'?!?

This was my exact reply...

'that's cool. my husband kevyn will meet you at 11am tomorrow morning at the post office. cheers'

Because clearly this man is just trying to lure in 35 year old moms with the promise of high quality vintage kitchen wear to have his way with them...

or not.



Kwil said...

it must have been meant to be!

i am playing outside said...

i'd like to please reenact your entire life, since you're completely awesome.

Kate said...

Great find!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent find! And good call on sending the hubby. :-)