Monday, February 28, 2011

Becoming Edison's Godparents

makes me happy.

Guess who was up at 'em early Sunday Morning?




Grandma, Grandpa...

Nono, Nona, and Rob...

all ready to celebrate Edison on her baptism day!

Kevyn and I were bestowed with the honour of becoming her godparents - a trust I know will fill our hearts as much as I hope it fills hers over the years.

And then we all celebrated together over brunch.

Grateful for...

each other,

the love we share,

the families we have,

and of course the food we ate.

By 3pm, with bellies and hearts full...

life was good and we were ready to nap.

Friday, February 25, 2011

This Wallpaper

makes me happy.

Kev sent me this photo a few days back while I was at work and he was bathing Byrdie - he's awesome like that, and my heart just swooned.

It is now the wallpaper on my phone and I touch that little round button ALL. THE. TIME. just so I can look at it.

Happy weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her Willingness To Endure

makes me happy.

Right after writing a post about living in the now I was about to write a post about how I believe Cashius hates her life now.

I mean, ever since Byrdie was born there just hasn't been the same hour long daily walks we used to share.

My attention is now certainly divided.

Sometimes I tie you to a bench while I push Byrdie in the swing.

And some days it isn't until I'm crawling into bed and moving Cashius out of my spot that I take a few seconds to tell her what a great dog she is.

My solution to Cashius' chronically sad face has been to tell her, "Well at least you have years of good times to remember, some dogs don't even have that! Why don't you lie there and think about them for a while?"

It never made me feel good to say these words.

No kidding.

I'm giving her the exact opposite advice of that what I give myself daily, 'Live in the now.'

Maybe next time I'll try, "Come on Cash! Let's go for a long walk. Just you and me. And read all your pee-mails. Let's get you some now!"

Oh, how I'll try.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eating It Up

makes me happy.

People always say how fast time flies when you have children.

This is a very true statement.

I feel like I just blinked my eyes and now my little niece Edison is 4 months old, which is a good reminder of Eckhart Tolle's wise words...

Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.

You are correct sir and I will continue to savour every morsel of it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

That Extra Day Off In February

makes me happy.

Happy Family Day!

We made oatmeal spelt chocolate chip cookies and wore each other's socks.

What did you do?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trick Photography

makes me happy.

I recently began eating toast with tahini on it.

I've got this thing for having a warm slice of toast after I get the Byrd down for her nap around 11am. I like to make my toast and sit down at my computer and check a few of my favourite blogs. It feels truly luxurious.

For a while I was putting a few slices of cheese on it. Next I was putting just a little butter. Then when I went to pick up a new jar of tahini to make hummus with I noticed it had a drawing of a toaster and toast with, what I suspected was, tahini on it. So I thought why not? I mean it is loaded with calcium, iron and fibre and I like sesame seeds.

Well, it's a bit of an acquired taste on toast but, I've actually grown to really enjoy it. I'm able to do that often with foods I know are good for me. Nothing says pizza to me like a bowl of steamed broccoli on the side!

The funny thing is, the next time I was grocery shopping I went to grab some almond butter to make cookies with and the jar I grabbed was from the same company that made my tahini and it just so happened to have... the same picture of a toaster and toast with... almond butter on it? Or was that tahini? It looked remarkably similar. What the snaps?!? Did they dupe me or all their nut butters truly apropos for toast?

Sheesh. Well I'm hooked now.

Unless of course I choose to give into the wild fantasies I've been having about ketchup(!) these days and just spread that all over my body toast.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go To Happiness

makes me happy.

I probably let Byrdie sit on the counter way too often but she loves it.

I also think I get way too excited when The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon or Arcade Fire come on the Telefunken but my ears love it.

While I don't love playing up favourite this or favourite that, instead finding the love and awesomeness in everything, sometimes certain things just can't help but make you smile, know what I mean?

* Maybe I'm Amazed is playing right now... oh yeah!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As Simple As The Sun

makes me happy.

I'm reading this great book by John Robbins, who would have been the heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune had he not decided to (at the age of 21) that not only did he not want to work at Baskin-Robbins anymore, he also did not want access to any of his family's money.

So after putting himself through the University of California, John and his wife moved to a small island off the coast of British Columbia where they lived for ten years with annual expenses of less then $1000.

And while I'm only a few chapters into The New Good Life, I'm totally picking up what Robbins is laying down...

The new good life is neither one of self-denial nor self-indulgence. It's a path of self-awareness and self-knowledge. It's a way of living with respect for yourself, for others, and respect for the life of this beautiful planet we share.

Love it.

Also, the sun was also out today.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Future Foreman

makes me happy.

Our lives, just like most people's, are busy, busy. So I suppose you can understand how awesome it is when the Byrd finds something to do on her own that keeps her happy and engaged for 10 minutes or more.

Sometimes that something is watching Finding Nemo, other times that something is playing with construction dust.

That's still cool , right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tale of Ten Fridges

makes me happy.

Kev, Byrdie and I began moving above ground this weekend! Yeah, that's awesome.

Which also meant mom and dad were finishing their move next door. Part of this move included their fridge, which my mom has a certain affinity to because of it's large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer.

So while I chased the Byrd around Kevyn and Sandy began moving mom's special fridge. I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this, as did I when my heart jumped into my throat as the sudden "Whoa!" and "Grab it!" screams came from the stairs of the front stoop.

By the time I got there the boys were fine, a little shaken up, and the fridge was upright. Apparently when they set the fridge down to rest she wasn't quite on the stair, one large teeter-totter but no worse for the wear.

Or so we all thought. Once upstairs in their new kitchen, mom and dad's speacial large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer fridge didn't start up again.


Of course when I go up to see them I'm all emotional again, just as I have been for the past couple months, feeling bad that mom's favourite large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer fridge is broken and certainly bummed out that another couple grand is about to fly out the window, and of course not looking forward to have any more family members lug another fridge up or down the stairs.

And then my dad was all like, "Who cares, it's just a thing. Isn't that what you always tell us - things don't matter?"

Yup, I do. No they don't. And man, did you ever just make me feel better.

Now on to the solution.

Okay, it's super snowy and cold outside, so why don't we grab a cooler and load the freeze contents into it and throw it on the balcony till we get another fridge up here. Cool.

Mom, why don't you and I go through the frozen food and see if there's anything that could be tossed as space will be limited. Check.

And dad, why don't you come back with the cooler as soon as we've loaded up one large bag with food for the garbage, lean on the fridge, and then ask with the same astonishment in your voice as is on our faces "Did the fridge just start running again?"

Yeah she did. Oh yeah she did!

Note - clearly the photo above is not of the large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer fridge, rather just one Kev snapped of me cleaning our regular-freezer-on-top fridge today. Could you tell a man took this photo? Thought so.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Husband & His Mini Me

make me happy.

Don't you love how they both hair prep before I take their photo?

I do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Ride To The Subway

makes me happy.

Thanks to everyone who sent me those kind feel better messages. It's nice to know you're all cool and supportive of my down times.

As most of you know I loathe complaining, I find it useless, often self indulgent and unhealthy. Yet I also believe not being honest with you all, Kev, my family, friends and most importantly myself is even more unhealthy. So I choose to share my truths and also my solutions.

Solutions. For me that's the magic key. If I recognize that I'm feeling ABC, then you better believe I'm going to try EFG or XYZ until I'm feeling H.A.P.P.Y. again.

I don't believe happiness is just a gift we give ourselves. As a child I know my greatest wish was for the people around me to be happy, when they were happy - I was happy. It is my belief that feeling joy, peace and happiness is a gift we give the world.

And getting a ride to the subway may just be one of the best solutions I had yesterday for bringing back the smiles.

Just sayin' is all.